You were made from the love of God, to experience the love of God, and to share the love of God.

The more intimate you are with God will determine the degree you are intimate with each other.

For married couples who want to “spice-up”, enhance and keep their marriage exciting, the Intimacies of Marriage Ministry (a ministry of The Life Center) teaches couples how to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and then, translate that relationship towards their spouse.

Intimacies of Marriage Ministry (IMM) is designed to strengthen marital relationships through marriage-based services that promote a biblical view of sacrifice, unity, love, respect, order and fun in the marriage.

Through in-depth Bible studies, marital enhancement getaways, mentoring and counseling, the Intimacies of Marriage Ministry leads couples closer to God so they can experience a deeper love with one another.


The Bible Study

This exciting, in-depth bible study will cover the basic foundation and principles of having an intimate relationship with God and your spouse. The focus of this bible study is centered on the spiritual and practical aspects of improving your relationship with God, translating that relationship toward your spouse, and learning how to see from your spouse’s perspective.


Marital Enhancement Getaway

To keep marriages strong and healthy, we provide an annual Marital Enhancement Getaway (MEG) that addresses the impact of life-long, loving relationships within the family. 


Premarital Counseling 

Premarital counseling is a form of couples therapy that can prepare engaged couples for marriage. Each session provides opportunities for the partners to discuss several important issues such as individual and joint finances, parenting styles, communication styles, conflict resolution strategies, and decision-making styles.

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