Our team

The people here to serve you and help make your marriage more exciting!

John and Dawn White

The leaders of Intimacies of Marriage Ministry and dedicated to help couples learn what the Bible says about marriage and their relationship with God.


To help couples of every nationality develop such an intimate relationship with God and with each other that it will make the world marvel and want that kind of marriage.


Ø  To empower couples to be authentic to God, themselves and their spouse.

Ø  To equip marriages with the tools they need to experience and display the reality of God’s love and fulfill their purpose.


IMM’s mission is for married couples to be a living testimony of God’s love; to experience a closer, stronger, and more intimate relationship with God and their spouses.

Our objectives are:

Ø  To share tools that empower, enlighten and enrich marriages through education.

Ø  To create and provide a community of married Christians to lean on one another for support, inspiration and connection.

Ø  To help couples know how God talks to each other,

Ø  To show couples how to overcome crisis by trusting God in each other.

Ø  To provide enhanced marriage activities.

IMM promotes communication, intimacy, and Biblical understanding of the principles and the purpose of marriage. (Ephesians 4:25-32)