Marital Enhancement Getaway

No matter where you are in your marriage journey, a marital enhancement getaway is designed to bring couples closer together with each other and the Lord. The once-a-year weekend retreat strengthens couples’ relationships through foundational biblical teachings, specific life enrichment projects, and fun activities.

The institution of marriage is one of God’s most marvelous and enduring gifts to humankind. This divine plan was revealed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:24). God announced the ordination of the family before He established the church and government. The preservation of the family is critical to the health of nations. To keep marriages strong and healthy, we provide an annual Marital Enhancement Getaway (MEG) that addresses the impact of life-long, loving relationships within the family.

During the weekend, couples experience new ways of thinking about marriage, discover the 4 biblical foundations necessary for a great marriage, and recognize the benefits of a lasting marriage. To enrich couples’ friendship and love life, the weekend is full of fun activities, love language role playing, biblical conflict resolution discussions, and more. Marital Enhancement Getaway is designed to strengthen relationships according to the Word of God.

We’ll also provide special getaways throughout the year, such as:

               ·         Bowling Night

               ·         Movie Night

               ·         Day at the Museum

               ·         Night at the Symphony

               ·         Etc.