The Bible Study


In this unique style of bible study, couples will learn how to conduct their own personal Bible study, how to hear God clearly for themselves, how to apply God’s messages to their life, know and understand how God talks to their spouse, the different ways God talks to other people, and look for ways to share who God is in them to others – spreading the Gospel.

When people are taught study skills, their ability to process new information can rise substantially. They are able to remember much more of what God is saying and have a better understanding of what He is doing in their lives when they study on their own.

We are totally convinced that this type of bible study will empower couples to manage their emotions, become self-motivated, and build a personal and collective vision. This type of bible study will also establish a personal studying climate, encourage personal and spiritual mastery, and promote studying as a couple, family and a team.



The Intimacies of Marriage Bible Study will teach you how to study the Bible individually and as a couple by utilizing bible study helps, various bible translations and dictionaries. We will look at the culture, language, historical facts, and use the basic rules of hermeneutics in order to understand what the Holy Spirit is saying through the Scriptures and how to apply it to your life and marriage.

The Intimacies of Marriage Bible Study is a 12-week Session, online course. Each lesson is approximately 60 - 90 minutes. It is designed to meet two main objectives:

  1. To teach you, as a couple, how to study the Bible by developing a method that will draw you into a personal interaction with the scriptures.
  2. To launch you to a life of new vision as you comprehend God’s purpose for marriage.

This in-depth study of the first man and woman; husband and wife, will develop your sense of knowing your spouse and revolutionize your walk with Christ. Instead of strictly lectures, we will ask thought-provoking questions and provide consistent opportunities for you to discuss what you have learned.



LESSON 1: In the Image of God

In this 3-part series, you’ll discover what was in Man that came out in the form of Woman and what should be in a husband and wife.

Part One: The Fire Within

In this lesson you’ll learn why God had Adam names the animals before making a help-meet for him; the true spiritual nature of a man and woman; and what Adam really meant when he said, “This is now bone of my bones.”

Part Two: Reflected Glory

Here, we’ll study what it means to be formed in the image of God; how man is the reflected glory of God and how woman is the expression of man’s glory.

Part Three: Forged in The Fire 

We continue learning the meaning of being formed in God’s image, in addition to the purpose of trials and how to be transformed into the nature of Christ as we go through them, as a couple.


LESSON 4: The Revelation of The Rib

God took the rib from Adam and made that into his wife. In this 3-part series, we’ll analyze the inner meaning of the “rib”; how it represents the reality of Christ in them, and the awesome responsibility of a godly woman coming out of a responsible godly man.

Part One: Protector of The Heart

We’ll study how the rib protects the heart, which represents our intimate relationship with Christ, being transformed in His image and exhibiting His character.

Part Two: It’s in The Blood

This study brings out how the rib protects the liver, which represents our revelation of the blood of Christ.

Part Three: The Breath of Life

In this lesson, you’ll learn how the rib protects the lungs, which represent the reality of the Holy Spirit breathing the Word of God into every aspect of your life.


LESSON 7: In the Garden of God

In this 2-part series, you’ll see how the Garden is a place for brokenness; Eden is “seeing the entrance of life,” and a place teaching how to serve God, your spouse and others.

LESSONS 9: The Purpose of Marriage - A Reflection of God’s Relationship with Man

This study illustrates marriage as being God’s art of teaching us a deeper revelation of Himself.


BONUS LESSON: What Does the Bible Really Say About Fornication and Adultery?

We’ll look at how the Bible defines fornication and adultery as a form of idolatry, and lust as the diseased condition of the soul.